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We are pleased to invite guests to Kolomna — legendary town, located south-east of Moscow. Kolomna is intrinsically connected to the Russian history; here numerous epochs,
The majestic walls of the Kolomna Kremlin, telling a rich history and memory of the great events; quiet streets intersecting with each other. The past and the future are interlaced binding. Kolomna Posad is a completely different urban space, immersed in the atmosphere of merchant Russia; the cluster of churches and monasteries, and much more will leave a wonderful memory of our city for life.
We are thrilled to invite you on a trip to Kolomna


• Guests meeting in the Kolomna Kremlin

You will get acquainted with Kolomna Kremlin – one of the largest and most powerful fortresses of its time. We visit the territory of Brusensky monastery, shrouded in mystery and associated with the reign of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. The excursion continues with thorough review of Cathedral Square with the monastery and temples, headed by the magnificent Assumption Cathedral, which preserves the memory of the Board of Dmitry Donskoy. Walking through the streets of the Kremlin, you will get acquainted with unique temples: Resurrection Church, where Dmitry Donskoy was married and the Church of Nikola Gostiny. And our last point will be Pyatnitsky gate, the main Kremlin gate.

• Visiting the museum Kalachnaya (kind of Russian bread)

The Kalachnaya revives the old tradition of bread baking. The main exhibit of the Museum interactive excursion is to restore the baking process of kalach (small fancy wheat loaf in the form of pocket-shaped bun), according to the ancient guidelines. It is a complete pattern — from preparation of the ingredients ( hop, flour medley and water), dough molding on the special table — to baking and tasting hot kalaches according to old-time rules, starting with the «kalach belly» and ending with a «crusty handle». The process of bread production occurs in the walls of the exemplary middle XIX century restored monument of the middle XIX century and was reconstructed according to the old drawings of the special stove with two flues, burned with birch woods without bark to make smoke white.


• A walk along Kolomna Posad

Another urban site, immersed in the atmosphere of merchant Russia. Kolomna Posad is a unique sight so the town preserve it in its historical condition. Its history dates back more than nine centuries. These religious and civil buildings of the XVIII — XIX centuries are the symbols of the most flourishing epoch of the merchant city. Of Posad is Arbatskaya Street is one of the most famous streets. There are the old believer Church of Resurrection, known as Church of St. Nicholas, and House of Governors, one of the most stunning monuments, situated.


• Russian dinner
• Visiting the museum Pastila factory

The interaction excursion will take you back to 1903, on a candy-factory pastila Kolomna of merchant Peter Karpovich Chuprikov, known as Museum Factory of Kolomna Pastila (type to Russian candy, cooked with apples pure, sugar and white eggs). Following the pastry chef and apprentice factory workshops, you will learn the secrets of cooking the same, this Kolomna pastila, meet with the owner of the factory Peter Karpovich, and visit the gardener, look in the fruit storage and mysterious cellars of the XVIII century. The program will end in a Crimson living room, where you will join a tea party this real flavors of Kolomna pasta, brought back from the past by Museum factory. Each has a story to tell. What`s the meaning?


• End of the program

On our request, we can offer visits to other city museums the confectionery of 
Shwedov, Museum of soap making, Museum of forgotten taste, Museum of blacksmith 
crafts and folk crafts and much more. We also offer catering and shuttle service,
hotel booking and steamboat rentals. 

Excursions are available in English, German, Spanish and French. 
Chinese interpretation is available upon request. 
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